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Find Your Way Out of  Digital Addiction Labyrinth


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Target Group

Direct target group: youth workers, trainers, coaches working on/ interested in the topic of technological/internet addiction and/or digital skills.


Indirect target group: youth at risk of technological/internet addiction, youth with inappropriate online behaviours, youth with low digital skills.

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Young people to understand what it means to be a good ‘digital citizen’, being able to act responsibly online and to provide a useful and innovative educational tool for youth workers on the topic of digital addictions and competences.

Transnational Meetings


1st TMP

1st TMP is organised in Spain and its goal is to review the project’s working schedule, each other's tasks and duties related to the project management activities and the dissemination strategy.


2nd TPM

2nd TPM is organised in Slovakia and the consortium and its goals is to analyse, monitor and evaluate the previous tasks and activities  in order to make sure they were executed properly, as those activities are the base of the intellectual outputs. Each partner will present their part of the draft of the Educational KIT the feedback report after the Internal technological pilot test of the APP.


3rd TPM

3rd TPM is organised in Romania and its main objective is to decide upon the final design and content of both intellectual outputs and about the information and the results that are to be diffused during the multiplier events.

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