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Intellectual Outputs

IO1 MOBILE APP Escape the techbyrinth

The first intellectual output, the APP, is an educational tool which allows young people to identify the appropriate and inappropriate uses of technology and the internet and to improve their online behaviour and become more digital competent. The app also supports the youth workers in improving the usage of technology in their work. It will be a gamified quiz, containing real life situations, which will generate a result in terms of appropriate use of technology and the internet. The gamification will be done on the setting of a labyrinth and the answers of each question of the quiz will direct the user to an exit. The exit will generate results detecting issues of technological misuse or online misbehaviour, correlated with advice. Each advice will be divided into 5 areas, according to the Digcomp, with the aim of improving online behaviours, prevent addictions and developing the digital competences of the users.



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The second intellectual output represents an educational KIT composed by a training plan, an informative manual and a methodological guide. It enables youth workers access to knowledge regarding risk prevention and detection of technological addictions, and online misbehaviours. The educational KIT was structured, englobing 3 educational resources, to provide the necessary resources to create effective and qualitative training on the topic of technological addiction. They are subject to individual use, but as a KIT it is expected to provide all the necessary knowledge and know how related to the topic. The training plan will  contain the presentation of the app as a non-formal education method to work in the process of risk detection and prevention and development of digital competences according to Digcomp.  Second phase will be the implementation of the training plan dedicated to the youth workers that will enable them to use meaningfully the application in their courses and to raise awareness of the risks associated with the digital addictions. This intellectual output will also generate an informative manual regarding the risks and benefits of the technological, internet and social media usages and the digital competences, based on Digcomp. This manual guarantees the transferability of the intellectual output to other educational areas, and useful for any type of organization working with youth. Moreover, a methodological guide will provide youth workers resources to create their own courses on the topic of technological addictions and to identify the causes and provide solutions on the effects.

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